Why is it better to use a bathrobe than a bath towel?

When the bath is finished, the body is very wet and cold, there are 2 ways to dry a person using a towel or can use a bathrobe.

The reason why the gown is better than the bath towel

The reason why the gown is better than the bath towel

After the shower, towels and bathrobes will be the most effective way to dry the skin water very quickly. But why after bathing the use of bathrobe is better than using a bath towel?

Advantages and disadvantages

Some people use towels to dry people by wrapping around them, but the shoulders will be exposed, this will cause a cold if you relax or do something, and if you wrap The whole shoulder when doing something will cause many inconveniences


Popular bathrobe and usage

If using a bathrobe, it will wrap the whole shoulder over the knee, meaning the area of ​​the bathrobe's contact area is more than the body, this will dry the person. faster and more convenient if you sit a little relaxed before getting dressed, or easily do anything afterwards without being entangled.

In addition, when you wear make-up if you wear a shirt that has a neck for makeup and then replace your beautiful clothes to where to go, the change will affect the face that has been makeup. Therefore, choosing a bathrobe is the best choice to wear when wearing makeup.

Bathrobe not only for drying after bathing. They can also be used to keep you warm during cold weather, creating a comfortable, warm and pleasant feeling. According to the survey, bathrobes can replace coats in the morning, it helps to keep the body warm at low temperatures, especially using a bathrobe in winter.


                                 Bathrobe for babies

The downside of bathrobes is that the cost of a bathrobe is higher than a bath towel (depending on the towel material), it is recommended to wash the bathrobe often, preferably after 2 times to avoid diseases. on skin, health and affect the quality of bathrobes such as bad smell, hook mushroom, bacteria, if after use, do not dry in a well-ventilated, well-ventilated place.

This is only There are a number of reasons why using bathrobes is good, so why not enjoy the comfort of the bathrobe right now.

Although bathrobes have many advantages to use, for some they don't like to use bathrobes, but for them towels are indispensable after bathing, because towels have Its own use. See more useful information on or fanpage NAM PHU JOINT STOCK COMPANY.